Friday, April 18, 2008

Warner Park

Haeven and Zeb
Squishy (Reese)

Hi All,

We had yet another fun day at Warner Park. Reese, Bryce, and Haeven all had their moments of tears from arguements over the red truck that they all like to push around. Reese had fun chasing Haeven with the red truck. Bryce spent some time chasing the girls but spent more time over with the trains. Haeven and her friend Zeb mostly rode the bikes and go carts. Zeb's parents have told me many times that Zeb is crazy about Haeven. She is all he talks about when they are not at Warner.

I didn't take many pictures from Warner Park for a while because the kids usually do the same thing every day while we are there. Then I reallized that if it were my kids with someone else during the day I would love new pictures every day even if the kids were always doing the same thing. :)

On that note, enjoy the pictures and have a great day.

Melanie and the kids

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