Sunday, July 13, 2008

I've been accepted

A friend of mine (Georgi) told me about a website where you could post your pics and possibly sell them. Someone from church told her about it and I thought it sounded like something I could really get into. So I contacted this woman from church (Linda) and she gave me a lot of great information about photography. She is a semi professional photographer and has taken some amazing shots. She really inspired me to do a lot more with my photography.

To have pictures posted on the website you first have to apply. You send in 5-10 pics and the editors review them and then either deny or accept your application. I sent in 7 pics, 5 nature and 2 of my kids. I was denied. :( They have strict guide lines when it comes to pics of people. I tried again, I sent in the same exact pics minus the 2 of the kids. I was accepted!! I was so happy. They accepted 3 of the 5 I sent in.

It's a photo stock website. That means that if someone needs a picture of something specific they can go to this website and search for it and buy it. The pictures can be used for anything from a picture in an office, a billboard, or even a commercial. Anywhere you find a still shot it might have come from a site like this. You get paid based on what the picture is going to be used for. More for a billboard or commercial less for a picture in an office.
I've sent in a lot more shots and I can't wait to see if they are accepted. The website has a lot of resources on it that help people to take better pictures. It has really opened my eyes to what makes a better picture. Thanks Linda!

Here are some pictures I took last night. I took the kids to Dream Park and they had a blast. There is a dragon on the outside of the park and Reese was scared of her. She kept saying that it was going to bite her. Then on the way home there was a beautiful sunset and I actually took the pictures while stopped at a red light. :)

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CAKVD said...

Wow, Mel, congratulations!!! This is so exciting! I've never heard of a website like this before, but it makes sense. Good luck on your new venture!