Thursday, May 15, 2008

favorite things

The kids and I have been spending so much time outside lately. There is no way I could go back any kind of job where I would have to be inside all day long.

Today we went to the Towne of Burke Park, not sure if that is the right name of the park. It's on Reiner Road. Anyway, we were there for over 2 hours today hanging out with our friends Molly and Lucy.

I was able to get some beautiful shots of the kids. My favorite one is of Reese looking through the side of the red tunnel. Just the look in her eyes is priceless to me.

Yesterday my next door neighbor's granddaughter brought me over some lilacs. Lilac is my absolute favorite smell in the whole world. They have 2 lilac trees/bushes in their yard and they always bloom about 1 week before mine do. I tried messing around with the settings I talked about yesterday and was able to get some cool shots of the lilacs.

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